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How all began

A brief history

We began back in 1992 as a small family run business in the center of Agassi. It was different to most other places, the music was louder, the desserts were bigger and despite initial teething problems it quickly became the place to be. As tourism increased it became ever busier, and so we opened a bar next door called ‘The Bedrock Bar’ where customers could avoid the restaurant queue and relax while waiting to be seated. A few years on in 2002 we were able to buy our own land at the Vassilikos end of Argassi, opening a supermarket first and 2 two years later moving the restaurant to its present position. Here we’re fortunate in having an amazing sea view from the front of the restaurant, a peaceful beautiful, landscaped garden area through to the back and easy parking.

Many people ask us how the name originated so here’s how it happened. We have rooms which are also called Green Frog and they were so named when a photographer for the tour company we were contracted with spotted a green frog on a toilet seat in one of the bathrooms. He suggested we called the rooms ‘Green Frog’ and it stuck. A few years later when we decided to open   a restaurant we were struggling to find a name- since we’d painted everything green…..’Green Frog’ seemed appropriate & fitting again. So that’s how it came about.

Things have changed over the years in what we believe is a good way. Our menu reflects this, in that we offer light, fresh Mediterranean cuisine, but still keep some of the classic dishes from when we first opened. Everything is homemade, using the finest, locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. It’s good, simple food, beautifully presented- food that we are proud to serve.

In 2015 we invested in a new sound and light system and greatly expanded our entertainment program to include music to suit all tastes. This starts from 10 o’ clock in the evening but if it’s not your thing then we have a calm, relaxing garden area where you can dine or sip cocktails in peace & quiet.

Finally, a bit about the bar. We serve fresh fruit cocktails, top shelf spirits & liqueurs, draught beer & cider, coffees and the best ice cream milkshakes on the Island- just as they were when we first opened.

The family are all still here, just a bit older and in different roles. Meanwhile, the business continues to move forward in a more positive way than ever, environmentally conscious and with a unique contemporary design.  We look forward to welcoming back old friends & making new friends in the coming year when we will be celebrating 28 years in business. Here’s to another 28 years.


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Great atmosphere and staff


Good music food and atmosphere. The staff are friendly and helpful... Very reasonable prices too!!! Thanks Alex and the staff for a nice time!!!

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